crossfit mozomo


If you’re looking for something to motivate and train your team to work together, then call us now to book your spot!


With the use of  traditional calisthenic and body weight exercises mixed with interval training, we will design workouts that promote teamwork and that are much more beneficial to a team mentality than a solo exercise.  We always make sure that the exercises are completely modifiable so we can increase or decrease the challenge for each individual, depending on ability.

Your team will get to row, skip, hop, jump, push, pull…..and so much more with the use of battle ropes, tires, boxes, sleds….and MORE!

We can take groups as small as 8 and up to 30!

Call 705-444-0500 or email now to book your space.  We recommend booking as far in advance as possible.


Total Investment:  $12pp (this varies slightly depending on group size)

*$50 deposit will be required upon booking in order to hold the date